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Professional Sales Training Services

SFO Consultants offers a full range of coaching and training programs. We tailor each coaching and training session, to meet the specific needs of the organization, executives and managers.

With the rapid changes and demands of today's business environment, the performance bar for today’s corporations is constantly being raised. Yet many business executives still are not willing to take initiative and immerse themselves in learning what drives their company's business.

Our training is designed to create lasting results; by understanding that results are, 80% psychology and only 20% mechanics. The typical training company uses old-fashioned mechanical techniques. Nearly are corporations today; have job descriptions, that clearly define what employees are expected to do. The question is, not what they should be doing; but, Why they’re not following through?

The Why?

Is the Psychology that’s stopping them from following through!

At SFO Consultants, we help you accomplish your goals, by providing a system that combines quality mechanics along with access to ongoing training workshops and individual coaching sessions. Through our staff of coaches and trainers, we provide continuing face-to-face support and reinforcement.

We understand that business success is directly related to the effectiveness of upper- and mid-level managers within an organization.

SFO’s management solutions, help mangers at all levels become more effective communicators, better mentors and coaches, and competent managers of change. We help organizations develop a better understanding of human behavior and potential. We increase employee morale, courage, confidence and self-esteem. We help them to become a more effective communicators. We inspire and bring out the best in others; by teaching them to set meaningful goals and develop plans for achievement.