Financial Strategies

SFO teaches how you build shareholder value by strategically planning and integrating financing and investment decisions. SFO brings real world and academic experience to the classroom to review the latest techniques for analyzing and valuing financial decisions. By exploring a comprehensive framework you will learn to effectively integrate financing and investment decisions in order to maximize value creation.

SFO teaches the need to explore important questions and help find farsighted answers as to what investments should make, what should be to divested, and the impact financing strategy can have on the bottom line.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to measure the impact of major strategic and operating decisions on shareholder value
  • How to develope a capital structure that enhances shareholder value
  • How to more accurately estimate the cost of capital for improved decision-making
  • How to value potential merger and acquisition targets more precisely
  • How to understand the relation between financial structure and cost of capital