Negotiations Training

These days, the ability to negotiate is critical. We help organizations develop effective skills in negotiating complex and challenging aspects of the negotiation process. We do this by reinforcing fundamental skills. By creating a balance of power between negotiating parties in order to reach a satisfying conclusion. We help develop a common negotiating language with both parties.

We help form effective negotiating teams. We help individuals understand the role of negotiations in achieving their key business objectives.

SFO trains on the process of planning, conducting, and documenting complex contract negotiations. We teach individuals how to understand the delicate process from both, the buyers and sellers point of view. We discuss all strategies, tactics and counter tactics that come into play at such times, along with principles for how to use them and how to neutralize them.

SFO teaches how to analyze terms and conditions, and how to recognize and avoid risky and unacceptable terms.

Participants are taught how to maximize their effectiveness when negotiating in strategic, tactical, telephone and face-to-face contract issue-based situations.

The result is organizations seeing increased profits, through well-planned and well executed collaborative negotiations. This is done by, minimizing conflicts and deadlocks.

SFO teaches participants to identify and work with the needs of the different behaviors styles at the table in order to achieve maximum effectiveness during the negotiation process. They are also taught, to redirect the focus off of simple negotiation tactics and onto planning and strategy, that reinforces key corporate values.