Organizational Training

Many organizations and companies are chronically concerned that they don’t have the right talent to succeed, and this is especially true in the area of Leadership.

Most organizations view leadership as among the top issues affecting their organizations both today and in the future, yet they’re often dissatisfied with everything from succession planning systems to leadership development programs.

Executive Coaching is used by 52% of today’s North American companies and 55% in International companies.

However, Executive Coaching continues to gain in popularity. Organizations that do not yet have coaching programs, say these programs will be implemented in the future.

At SFO consultants, our clients say that their organizations are performing well in the combined areas of revenue growth, market share, profitability, and customer satisfaction, thanks to our trainers and coaches.

At SFO consultants, our trainers and coaches, provide greater objectivity, fresher perspectives, higher levels of confidentiality, and experience in many different organizations, industries, and business environments.  In addition, our trainers and coaches have more specialized skills or expertise in specific fields of practice.

SFO clients say there also seems to be a relationship between the extent to which individuals receive training and coaching and their abilities in terms of leadership. That is, those who have received coaching were more likely than others to say that their subordinates trust their leadership abilities, and they’re more likely to say that they set specific goals for performance at work.

SFO training and coaching sessions are conducted via a combination
of methods, such as seminars, face-to-face, over the phone, and via Web-based technologies.

SFO training improves employee “performance/productivity” in the workplace. We believe our fundamental purpose is first directed at skills and behaviors that must occur at the individual level: behavioral change, self-awareness, and learning; Then, focusing on improvements in organizational performance.

At SFO consultants, we address specific workplace problems. We use Positive psychology emphasizing what is working, what one does well, and how to do it better, instead of discussions of weakness and limitations.

To what extent does an organization use training and coaching?

79%- To improve individual performance/productivity
63%- To address leadership development/succession planning
60%- To increase individual worker skill levels
56%- To improve organizational performance
44% -To address specific workplace problems
41% -To boost employee engagement
38% -To improve retention rates
26% -To improve performance of employees whose supervisor is being coached
24% -To improve recruitment outcomes

SFO stays ahead of the rapid changes in the global business environment by accelerating the use of coaching, with training. Traditional management approaches, are unable to cope with today’s faster-paced business processes. Today’s executives have to deal with peer relationships and greater workplace diversity, which require a more complex skill set than managing the past up and downs.

SFO’s coaching and training is the most convenient and flexible way for leaders to come up the learning curve quickly enough to handle the competition and speed of global business cycles.

Clients say they us SFO because, their excessive time demands render other training programs obsolete.

At SFO consultants, we realize that fever-pitched global competition is driving radical organizational restructuring that calls for highly specialized staff support, rapid shifts to new skill sets, and “just-in-time” training, all of which suggest the need for effective coaching and training interventions.

Meanwhile, attitudes within the labor force are also changing. Lifelong learning, which is a contemporary cultural phenomenon, resonates well with both coaching and mentoring, as does the heightened interest in personal responsibility for self-development.