Sales Leadership Training

SFO teaches Leadership through reinforcement. We understand that Psychology is more important than the “mechanics”. An individuals attitude and behavior, are more important than an individuals techniques.

What we think, we become! How we think, determines our Outcomes!

We focus on lasting change and mastering new skills.

SFO accomplishes this through participation, recurring training and strategic business development programs.

SFO trainers provide coaching, encouragement and feedback.

SFO’s Goal is to help business owners, sales managers, sales professionals up reach their true potential. To challenge them to look farther, to reach higher, and enjoy the process. Our consulting tools, coaching and teaching methods are proven and practical, ensuring individual and corporate success.

SFO offers unique sales and sales management solutions to the challenges faced by salespeople, sales managers and other professionals.

In Sales Training, success is earned in sales by individuals that commit to make a change and grow.

Training is about incremental growth and development. This is accomplished through training, coaching and reinforcement.

SFO training is performed through personal coaching and training sessions and a classroom environment.

The Training and Coaching is broken into three types:

Personal Life Coaching:

Often the desired impact here is to experience more peace, personal happiness or fulfillment. This will often include a process of personal re-discovery, unleashing a sense of purpose, bringing dreams to life, identifying limiting beliefs, uncovering core values, etc, and helping them to live in alignment with all of those things that resonate with them – helping call them forth into living the bigger life they want for themselves.

Executive Coaching:

Usually the desired impact here is to see measurable outcomes in business achievements or competency. Although the coaching still works with what is happening within an individual and includes similar aspects to life coaching (such as aligning with values and recognizing limiting beliefs and calling them forth), there are external standards, expectations or performance measurements that are a factor in the coaching approach. The skill in this type of coaching is to remain professional about the external standards, working toward them with specific, measurable goals and accountability while continuing to create an impact within the individual so their increased effectiveness comes from a place of personal empowerment.

Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching:

This work is still new to the corporate world, but it has a big impact. The actual “client” here is the system as a whole. The impact of an organization is often dependent upon its entire system, and what’s happening within it. The desired impact here is to better understand the relationship of a system as a whole, and let that speak to its effectiveness (or lack of).

An Organization has many “systems” within it – different departments, teams, leadership, etc…This approach works with the various systems to reveal the inner dynamics within the system, rather than within the individuals. This minimizes defensiveness and blame and enrolls the individuals as agents of change for the relationship, being the team. Awareness alone creates huge impact, which can then inform the Organization as to which areas they might like to incorporate additional team or executive coaching.

SFO’s talented consultants are smart, motivated, creative people committed to providing the most innovative and effective solutions to drive our client’s business.

We are resourceful partners who creatively and effectively solve our client’s human performance and organizational challenges. We relish what we do. Most importantly, we get results. Our clients benefit from our pragmatic focus on business results and our personal dedication to solving business problems.